Tuesday, March 24, 2020

3/24 Health-Related Closure Update

Updates for MO families on the seventh day of the COVID-19 health-related closure:
  • Based on the executive order of Governor Murphy, all MOTSD schools are operating under a health-related closure until further notice. Therefore, home instruction will be ongoing until April 8th. Spring break will remain as originally scheduled from April 9th until April 19th. If the health-related closure is still in effect, home instruction will resume on April 20th. 
  • Please go to tinyurl.com/MOhealthplan and view the MOTSD Health-Related Closure Plan that contains vital information about home instruction assignments, WiFi access, free and reduced meal pick-up, and continuity of District operations. 
  • On March 9th the MOTSD faculty made preparations for two weeks of differentiated and asynchronous home instruction. At that time, based on the guidance from the NJDOE and NJDOH we did not anticipate an indefinite closure of schools. In the ensuing days and weeks our teachers and students have embraced a variety of pedagogies and technologies to stay connected and maintain their academic skills despite a growing health emergency. Since March 9th, we have secured WiFi access for every student in the District, deployed web-enabled Chromebooks to every student in grades 6-12, and have provided opportunities for Chromebook pick-up for students in grades 1-5. In order to support the continued academic progress of our students, as well as, provide structure for students during the duration of the stay-at-home provisions, we will be shifting to a more directed, differentiated, and online instructional model that will be delivered via Google Classroom, Google Hangouts and the district's personalized online learning platforms. The schedules we developed for grades 1-5 and 6-12 to provide flexibility for students who may be juggling family or work responsibilities. Any assigned work will not be due for a minimum of 48 hours to reduce student stress and pressure from multiple assignments. The schedules do not reflect mandated class meeting times. Rather, the staggered subject time slots are designed to allow for reasonable pacing and to prevent overlap of virtual meetings by multiple classes at the same time. The schedules combined with our G-Suite apps provide flexibility for teachers to deliver prescriptive synchronous and asynchronous instruction, hold video streamed class meetings, and grade online assignments. Students in grades 1-12 should check their respective teacher’s Google Classroom for resources, assignments, links to Google Hangouts, and updates. The below schedules (1-5 and 6-12) go into effect on Monday March 3oth.
Note: Grades 1-5 schedules may vary slightly by teacher and grade level.